Call For Speakers: Work-From-Home

Many previous WordCamps have had panel discussions with variations on “how to start a WordPress business” or “how to run a distributed company”. At WordCamp Philly this year, we wanted to try a little something different, something that comes at these issues from the other side, namely: how can you best be a part of a distributed company? We’ve heard from CEOs, founders and product-makers and have gotten a lot of good input on how to stay sane while running a WordPress business. Let’s help each other stay sane when working for those sorts of people.

We’re looking to get folks thinking about such issues as

  • time management
  • keeping up communication with your teammates
  • maintaining proper work/life balance
  • advantages and disadvantages of working from home
  • tax implications
  • making the leap from a traditional office environment

…and any other issues that you, our speakers, bring to the table.

We’re putting together a panel of folks to discuss just this issue, so if you’re a part of a distributed company and would be comfortable participating, fill out our speaker form, select the “Panel” track and put “Working From Home” in the talk title.

We look forward to hearing from you all!

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