Happiness Bar Sign-Up

One of the great parts of WordCamp is spreading knowledge!  Are you a designer, developer, copywriter, blogger or photographer who thinks you could be of help to other attendees? Please help staff our happiness bar for an hour during the day!

What is the Happiness Bar?

It’s a part of the event where volunteer experts hang around and help attendees with any questions they have. Get your WordPress questions answered, one-on-one, by some of the best experts around. Tricky configuration question? Plugins issues? Wanting to bring WordPress in your enterprise but wondering if it’ll fit in? Whatever the question, our friendly volunteers will make sure you leave the chat with solutions.

The Happiness Bar will be open from 9 to 4 Saturday, June 7th.


If you are interested in being one of our happiness bar experts please fill out this form so we can add you to the list!

 Preferred Time of Day:

June 7-8th, 2014