Working From Home

Many previous WordCamps have had panel discussions with variations on “how to start a WordPress business” or “how to run a distributed company”. At WordCamp Philly this year, we wanted to try a little something different, something that comes at these issues from the other side, namely: how can you best be a part of a distributed company? We’ve heard from CEOs, founders and product-makers and have gotten a lot of good input on how to stay sane while running a WordPress business. Let’s help each other stay sane when working for those sorts of people.

We’re hoping to talk about

  • time management
  • keeping up communication with your teammates
  • maintaining proper work/life balance
  • advantages and disadvantages of working from home
  • tax implications
  • making the leap from a traditional office environment

…and any other issues that our speakers bring to the table.

This panel will include: Anthony Bubel (@anthonybubel), Tom Rose (@slurve), Liz Lockard (@lizlockard), Kelly Maguire (@kellbot), David Dashifen Kees (@dashifen), Andy Stratton (@theandystratton) and moderated by Doug Stewart (@zamoose).